What is a Booster Club?

March 24, 2022

By Taryn Hefner

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Booster clubs can be invaluable sources of fundraising, event organization, and even supporting teachers for high schools and universities. But what does a booster club actually do? Read more below to find out! 

Focus on Specific Needs

Booster clubs generally focus on specific needs like music, theater, or athletics. Parents of the students involved in these groups can raise money for supplies that the school budget doesn’t cover or trips that the students may need to take to provide scholarships for students who can’t afford the trip price. 

How Membership Works 

While things like raffles and crowdfunding are popular with booster clubs, another critical funding source is membership dues. At universities, membership dues are vital as the NCAA regulates the activities of booster clubs quite strictly! 

Banquets, Award Ceremonies, and Other Recognition 

One of the many things a booster club can do is host and fund an awards ceremony or banquet at the end of the school year or season. This boosts the students' morale in the supported groups, and it also helps keep the booster club members engaged and involved. It’s also a valuable time for recruiting new parent members for the next season of support! 

Booster Club Benefits

If you have or know a student in high school or college that is having their programs impacted by budget cuts and waning public support, a booster club might be a way to help support them. Booster clubs are often quite prominent for popular programs like football or baseball. However, the theater program, marching band, choral groups, or other art programs frequently get budgets cut first and can use all the help they can get. Of course, this varies from school to school, so check with your students to see what programs need help! 

How to Manage your Local Booster Club

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