How To Find Your Profile URL

September 13, 2021

By Mitch Colleran

Software Developer / Founder at @JoinIt, membership software NGOs & SMBs.

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We’ve launched a small but frequently requested improvement to our dashboard.

Quickly Snag Your URL from the Dashboard

To keep your conversion rate high, you need to make it easy to purchase a membership. So we made it even easier to grab your custom URL by having it always ready on your dashboard.

Customize your Member's Experience

We hear a very wide spectrum of requests from our organizations on how they want to manage their member's journey while joining their organization. A few examples of different profile configurations supported through Join It:

  • Stand-Alone profile (Popular with small organizations): Some smaller organizations prefer to use their Join It profile as a de facto landing page. In this case, we compliment their presence on social media and provide a home for prospective members to learn more about the organization and join.
  • Customized Profile (Popular with organizations on our Growth Package): Organizations that use our Business tier send members a profile with the Join It branding removed. Organizations use this when they want to carry over their own brand's look and feel.
  • Directly Linking to Checkout (Popular with organizations that have their own established web presence): Another popular option is to link directly to the checkout page of the respective membership.
  • Embedding a Membership Widget (Popular with organizations on our Total and Extra Packages): Lastly, we provide an embeddable widget to integrate the membership purchasing experience deeper into a website.

Give it a try

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