Process Online Member Payments

August 24, 2021

By Mitch Colleran

Software Developer / Founder at @JoinIt, membership software NGOs & SMBs.

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We’re constantly working to make Join It more powerful. Much of these efforts come in the form of updates to how things run in the background or small front-end improvements, which are essential in moving the product forward, but sometimes not in obvious ways.

Product improvements also come from feature requests directly from you, our customers.

Feature requests are fun for us to share on this blog because we know there is immediate utility!  We usually hear the same popular requests a few times, which keeps them high on our backlog of work that needs to be done.

Backend payment processing was one of these requests. 

We understand that not all members will pay online on their own time! Sometimes they call you directly or show up at an event and would like to pay member dues there instead of doing it online. 

Now, you can add a member and then process a payment separately! 

As you’ve probably already noticed, it is super easy to add a member manually from your Join It account. Right at the top of your member table, you can click the “Add Member” button. 

After entering your new member’s information, you will notice the three different payment record options: 

  • No payment (a manually added member)
  • Online (i.e. processing a payment)
  • Offline (some other form of payment, outside of Join It).

All you need to do is enter the member data and payment information, hit "Add Member", and that’s it! You also have the option of sending a confirmation email to the member, too. 

Never miss another member joining your organization again! 

We love hearing from our customers, especially about feature requests! If you have any specific requests, shoot us a note here: