6 Common Web Design Problems (And How to Fix Them!)

October 27, 2020

By Taryn Hefner

Taryn runs Marketing at Join It and is a lover of all things data! You can frequently find her experimenting in the kitchen, absorbed in a book, or brushing up on her Python coding skills.

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In order to run any kind of business, whether it's based on membership or not, your website has to be easy to use for everyone who visits! 

There are two categories of website experience issues we’ll talk about today: First, the broad, widely-applicable, oft-cited examples of poor design that hinder your users’ ability to use and enjoy your website. After that, we’ll talk about things that aren’t always included in preliminary user experience discussions, but should be! These include specific design and layout choices that can inform how users interact with your website. 

Let’s get to it!  

Heavy Hitters 

Too Many Calls to Action: The last thing you want to do with your website is overwhelm your users with options. Many people, upon seeing a visually overwhelming page with too many choices, will simply opt-out and not click on anything! Including multiple CTAs on one page can be done, but it has to be done strategically.

  • How to Fix It: If you must have more than two CTAs, make sure they're different enough that they cater to different visitors, not just the same action with different wording. 

Intrusive Pop-Ups or Interstitials: In the same vein, having pop-ups on your website-- whether it’s for a sale, encouraging subscription to your newsletter, or an advertisement-- can not only discourage users from continuing to interact with your site, but it can also lead to lower Google rankings

  • How to Fix It: Is there something absolutely essential you need to ensure that your users see? Try an overlay banner at the top or bottom of your homepage. This will grab the attention of your site visitors without hindering their use of your website. 

Poor Mobile Design: If you haven’t given any thought to your mobile design, layout, or functionality, you’re ignoring a large chunk of your audience. In some cases, more than half of a website’s visitors will use a mobile device, and you want to ensure they have the best experience on your website. 

  • How to Fix It: Want to see how your website looks on multiple devices? Try a website emulator to see how screens vary between devices. 


Light, Thin Fonts: Sure, they look great and modern and clean, but can your users read them? These thin fonts are often difficult to see on mobile and desktop devices alike, especially if the font color and background color don’t contrast highly enough. 

  • How to Fix It: These thinner fonts might work well for titles and headings, but be sure that your body content uses a font that’s thick enough for the majority of users to easily read. 

Indistinguishable Text Links: while internal links are an important part of how your website is discovered and understood by search engines, they’re also a great way to keep users on your website reading and discovering new content or products. If your links look similar to or exactly like your body text, your users will be missing out on the visual cue to click and explore. 

  • How to Fix It: Want to keep your branding on point while still ensuring your links are visible? Customize your link text to be a brand color that contrasts with your regular body text. 

CTAs Below the Fold: If you’re hiding your CTAs below the fold, you’re missing out on actions from users who don’t scroll that far, especially return users who don't need to read the whole page to know they want to take an action! 

  • How to Fix It: If you want to ensure that users have a chance to read your page before taking action, try including the same CTA at the top and bottom of your page. 

User experience encompasses a lot of elements across your website, but they all work together to ensure a seamless, easy experience for your users. 

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