5 Essential Choir Management Software Features

January 26, 2021

By Taryn Hefner

Taryn runs Marketing at Join It and is a lover of all things data! You can frequently find her experimenting in the kitchen, absorbed in a book, or brushing up on her Python coding skills.

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Choirs, whether for children or adults, are an incredible way to gather people together and appreciate and experience music. But with so many people, choirs can also be an incredible way to stretch your planning and group management skills! A choir management software can help ease the pain of scheduling, communication, documentation, and fundraising for any choir, regardless of size! If you’re planning on trying to find any kind of choir management software for your next season, make sure these things are included! 


Perhaps one of the most challenging things about a choir, whether it’s sacred or secular, is getting everyone’s schedule on the same page! Having a calendar integrated into your software for all your members to access at any time can eliminate the constant questions on when rehearsals are taking place, who is leading section practice on a given week, and when your performances are scheduled.  

Email Segments 

Whether the software you choose integrates with an existing mail management software or has its own proprietary system, make sure that you can segment your emails based on your membership. At some point, you’ll want to be able to send emails to your newest members, or just your altos, or only soloists. You’ll also want to be able to separate emails from your members versus any audiences. Be sure your email capabilities can keep up! 


Many choirs take donations, and if yours is one of those choirs, be sure to use a tool that helps you accept donations online, in person, or both. Many tools like will allow you to create a page specifically for non-members to easily donate online! 

Member Profiles 

Giving members the power to create and update their own profiles is essential to ensuring your information about your choristers is always up to date. Most tools will provide you with a standard set of fields like birth date, phone number, and email address, while others like Join It will allow you to create custom fields where your choir members can include their voice part, any smaller specialty groups they belong to, and any other fields specific to your organization.  

Photo Gallery 

Sharing photos from rehearsals and performances is a great way to boost the connection between members of your choir. Allow users to upload their own photos or limit that capability to administrators only-- the choice is yours! 

Choirs are a great way to meet people, form friendships, and get out into the community and spread the joy of singing. If you’re looking to implement membership management software, give Join It a try for free!